EVE Fanfest 2016

For those who follow me on instagram (@skrekkugle) you will already have seen the pics but I figured I should blog a bit about it too. For those who have no idea, EVE Online is a sandbox mmorpg spaceship computer game, and this event is basically the developers inviting us to Iceland to come drink with them.

Started drinking about 9 in the morning at the airport last thursday, waiting for our flight to Reykjavik. After the longest bus ride ever from KEF to Reykjavik we checked in and arrived at Harpa just in time for the EVE Keynote.

After watching the keynote and some stuff about Valkyrie we went out for food and more beer. Beer was also sold at the conference centre in bottles and cans and was pretty much allowed anywhere at all times.

This monument has the names of all active EVE players (on a certain date) engraved into the metal plates at the bottom. Managed to find my two chars and it’s pretty cool to be part of that.

Since CCP and EVE is a big deal in Iceland, the bar Bryggjan (or something) had made three beers targeted at EVE players. Need Reps, HOP Success and Safety Off. The bar was located in the same building as CCP so it was the default hangout spot for the devs/gms.

We met a couple of GMs and some other guys and talked spaceships and shit all night.

The day after (friday), we decided to pick up a rental car to go see some sites. Everything on Iceland is made of lava and the scenery was pretty cool but got a little boring in some places too. There are almost no trees and it is mostly flat and brown. The terrain features that are cool, are pretty cool though. Edit: The barren wasteland and sense of isolation has relly grown on me. Probably moving there if Norway is invaded by russia or something.

Some random big lava crack. It’s probably 8-10m down to the bottom but it doesn’t really show in the pic.

The geysirs are pretty cool too and the smell like sick egg farts.

Gullfossen (the pic shows the lower half of it) was huge!

A little beer selfie warming up for the pub crawl with devs the same night.

People start showing up to be split into groups and get some beer and Brennivin before hitting the bars.

This bar was filled with locals. They quickly escaped when the internet spaceship nerds entered. Good for them!

When you need a glass for your beer but can’t find one.

We also bumped into Bjorn Bee (https://www.twitch.tv/bjornbee) before we got to the point of drinking beer from the fine china. As awesome in real life as he is on stream, and also a bit taller (and not green or blue in the face). Good shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

The morning after we skipped the eggs/bacon and went for a sandwich place recommended on the internet. Of course we ordered the one with all the meat on it and it was awesome. Especially the morning after drinking.

Then we went to Harpa to shop for some last minute loot and watch the presentation about Citadels. After that we found a bar and we just sat there all day drinking beer before we headed to back to the hotel to pack everything ready for the flight the next morning, before heading out for one last night of partying.

Went for a burger at burgerjoint which was quality stuff.

Starting to feel very tired from drinking and in general it took some time to build up the courage and strength to go for it one last time. It was time for The Party on Top of the World with CCPs own Permaband playing with the viking metal band Skalmold as warmup.

Skalmold was awesome and so was Permaband, ending on their new tune “Bring on the wrecking machine”, and with that we ended the trip ourselves and went back to the hotel to catch some well needed sleep before heading home the next day.

Fanfest was awesome and if it wasn’t for the high cost I would love to go every year. I guess it won’t be my last time anyways. Next time I’ll bring a second liver.