Last week was pretty eventful. Monday, we went to see A Place To Bury Strangers with a couple of friends at Revolver in Oslo. They were awesome as always but the very small venue made the sound kind of a blur compared to when they played at Blå or John Dee. Before the concert we had some Illegal burgers and beer omnom.

Saturday I was invited by a coworker to my first ever game of DnD as a PC. I have DMed a few sessions before but we never really got into it and I was not prepared for all the work I had to put into it so it died out pretty quick. This group kicked their no-show cleric and invited me to take his place.

Currently we are trying to unravel a mystery surrounding a sudden plague destroying a big city and it is pretty awesome! Looking forward to the next session.

This week I’m leaving for EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland, with a few friends. We were advised to bring a second and third liver so I guess we’re gonna get pretty hammered. Will def update after if I can remember anyting of it (and if we manage to find the plane home).